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home | Spinervals Comp. Non-Members | Competition 28.0 - Aero Base Builder . . .

Competition 28.0 - Aero Base Builder VI (Digital - On Demand)

Duration: 60 Minutes
Intensity: 7.5
Purpose: Focus on your aerobic energy system and build your base.

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PDF version of this
workout by clicking HERE!

Build your Aerobic Base and Endurance with Aerobic Intervals.

Effectively build your aerobic foundation with 'aerobic interval training' in this Aero Base Builder workout with Coach Troy!

Aerobic training at lower intensities can be boring, but is essential for endurance sports training success. In this workout and others in the Spinervals Aero Base Builder series, the coach guides you through entertaining and effective aerobic interval sets designed to improve your aerobic energy system and pedaling technique simultaneously. Make this and other Aero Base Builder workouts the foundation of your training program and you'll be amazed at how strong and fast you become in the long run!

You can watch this workout today! Skip the shipping cost, purchase and download this video to your computer and you'll be pedaling with coach Troy in no time.

Our Price: $19.95
Member Price: $9.98 (Save 50%!)

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Own it on DVD!

This workout is also available on DVD for highest video quality, music on/off option, feature selections and menu chaptering. To learn more and to own it on DVD, click HERE.

Video Preview:

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