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Competition 27.0 - Threshold Test & Suffer Fest

Our Price $24.95
Member Price $19.96

Competition 27.0 - Threshold Test & Suffer Fest

DVD - All Regions
Duration: 60 Minutes
Intensity: 9.5
Purpose: Determine your training zones, monitor your progress and increase your threshold.

Download the FREE written
PDF version of this
workout by clicking HERE!

This workout is designed to provide the competitive cyclist with training zones relative to their Functional Threshold Power. After completing the test, plug your numbers into the calculator found HERE. Retest yourself using this method once every 6 weeks to monitor your progress and to reset your zones. For Heart Rate Training Zones, click HERE. For more information about determining your Functional Threshold Power and establishing training zones, please read this helpful article HERE. For training plans using Spinervals DVDs, click HERE. Good luck!

Discover your HEART RATE and POWER TRAINING ZONES while boosting your threshold with this Amazing Workout!

Spinervals 27.0 - Threshold Test & Suffer Fest serves dual purposes. A great threshold building workout designed to boost your anaerobic threshold and sustainable power output for time trialing events including triathlons, this workout also functions as a repeatable 'field test' used by many prominent coaches and exercise physiologists to determine an athletes 'Functional Threshold', or that output of work (power) one can sustain on average over a 20 minute period.

By learning one's functional threshold and retesting it every 6-8 weeks, an athlete can accurately determine the proper training zones as well as assess their training progress over time. This form of performance testing is critical for anyone interested in getting faster on the bike and achieving optimal results through a structured training program.

Join Coach Troy Jacobson and the athletes from the New Jersey cycling and multisport community in this useful and effective workout that will help you go faster in your next race!

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Executive Producer: Troy Jacobson, Sponsored by: Kurt Kinetic, Mercedes Benz of Freehold, Special Thanks to Luther White

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